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5-Star Review from Tim B.
Kevin Gault is the most professional, personable, knowledgeable person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. In this world we could use a lot more Kevins, not only in the technology aspect, but also in the human aspect. He explained a complicated problem for me with the patience of a saint, and for this I cant thank him enough. […]

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“Over the last eighteen years, Kevin Gault has provided technical advice and assistance for my company. Time and again his professional attitude and willingness to go the extra mile have proven invaluable to our success. I give him the highest possible recommendation along with the belief that any company or organization that secures his services will gain not only an employee with tremendous talent, but a valuable team player as well.” […]

business user reviews
“I have known and worked with Kevin Gault for more than 12 years. I had the privilege of being his pastor and watching him invest his gifts and abilities in our local church. His expertise combined with his godly character makes him one of the best possible choices for a local church ministry. Kevin knows the work of the ministry and he loves the local church. He works hard to help find the best and most affordable solutions […]

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