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Our laptop became inaccessible for us to retrieve any information we had stored on it. We had one computer repair business look at it, and they told us they could not retrieve any info from it. Having worked with Mr. Gault in the past, we contacted his company about our dilemma. Kevin used various means at his disposal, and he successfully retrieved 16 GB of valued photos, files, and videos that we thought were lost. We are very grateful for his efforts, and his charges for this service were very reasonable. I highly recommend him to those who are having problems with their home computers!

Tom C

Adjusting to my new normal…working at home… when I lost My wireless connection. I called Kevin Gault and he was at my house the next day with a router and the knowledge to solve all of my computer and phone issues. I was so relieved since I am relying on my home computer for my job. Kevin is fast, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend him.

Elizabeth White

Kevin was absolutely brilliant sure knew what he was doing and very polite. Thank you.

James C

I had a mess on my hands & Kevin got me all fixed up. I requested him because he has helped me before.

Joann M

friendly, informative, patient, funny, cordial

Maria P
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